Foundations Science Kit Add-on

The Foundations Science Kit is an optional add-on to your membership. It includes all of the basics that you need to get your Montessori laboratory set up right out of the box. If you prefer to collect your own materials, we’ve listed out everything you’ll need.

Solid and Liquid Components

Gathering the appropriate materials and components for an experiment is an important task for the elementary child to practice. These solids and liquids are all safe enough for them to collect and experiment with independently (with proper supervision of course).

Test Tubes & Rack

Mixtures, solutions, and chemical reactions all need somewhere to take place. The four plastic test tubes and accompanying wooden rack will come in handy for a number of experiments.

Beakers & Petri Dishes

Beakers and Petri dishes are some of the most recognizable and widely used pieces of lab equipment. The Foundations Science Kit provides five beakers and four Petri dishes for use in numerous experiments.

Safety Goggles (PPE)

It’s important to learn and practice safety in the lab, which is why the Foundations Science Kit includes a set of child’s safety goggles. Safety first!

Science Tool Kit

These are all of the tools needed for magnifying, measuring, pouring, pipetting, scooping, and transferring – important techniques for young scientists to utilize while experimenting.

Solid Fuel Stove (Burner)

In the lab we always practice fire safety when we’re doing experiments with open flames. This foldable stove can provide a convenient surface to conduct these experiments on.

And a Whole Lot More...