Authentic Montessori Science Lessons

We cover the foundations for physics, chemistry, earth science, and space science. All of the current lessons align with the Montessori geography album, where science is traditionally introduced, or build on its teachings with other Montessori-inspired science activities.

Our program is self-paced, so your learner has the option to choose from and work on anything that sparks their interest. Alternatively, you can have them follow the natural progression of topics by starting at the top of the classroom page and having them build on their knowledge as they work their way down.

We suggest aiming for 1 video lesson + 1-3 extension activities per week.

35 Engaging Lessons

Children are natural observers … Who made the Universe? How do magnets work? What makes the ground shake during an earthquake? Our lessons will spark their innate curiosity, and help them ask and answer questions about the world around them.

Our Program Will ...

How it Works


Get started with a Montessori Laboratory membership.

Unlock our sequence of Montessori science activities, experiments, and lessons.


Spark your learner’s curiosity with an engaging video lesson ...

or gather your own inspiration if you’d like to give a lesson yourself!


Choose 2-5 extension activities for follow-ups.

We have Montessori science experiments, nomenclature cards, research prompts, and more!


Keep track of completed work.

Each learner has their own login, making organization easy in your classroom, while distance learning, or for homeschooling.

A scientist is someone who uses experimenting as a way to “search out the deep truth of life, to lift a veil from its fascinating secrets.”

-Maria Montessori

What's in Our Montessori Science Sequence?