Erosion from Rainfall

Have you ever seen a mushroom-shaped rock?

This lesson has 2 geology history mysteries for you to explore. First, you’ll learn about the different conditions that determine whether a canyon or a v-shaped valley is more likely to form. Then, you’ll learn about the mushroom-shaped rocks called earth pillars (or hoodoos). After all that talk about erosion, you’ll get to do a sorting activity to learn about the differences between weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Related topics and things you might want to know already:

All of the Work of Water, but especially the following lessons:

What you’ll learn:

  • How erosion from rainfall creates certain landforms.

Pre-lesson discussion questions:

  • Have you ever seen a canyon?
  • Have you ever seen a v-shaped valley?
  • Have you ever seen a mushroom-shaped rock?
  • Do you know what all of the landforms above have in common?
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